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Need to Know Information When Learning or Coaching the Pole Vault.

All vaulters and coaches should know and be able to explain these.

  1. How do you prove all pole vaulting positions to show how one technique is correct and another is less efficient? This means that you have scientific data or the “Proofs” of correct pole vaulting and you can show how one technique is better than all others scientifically. Let’s remove the thought that it has always been done like this so it must be right. Know the scientific proven facts verses just thinking its right.

  2. What are the angles of power in pole vaulting that determine correct vaulting?

  3. What is the correct pole vault model that should be followed? Jeff Hartwig, Tim Mack, Brad Walker, Sergey Bubka, Yelena Isinbayeva or some other?

  4. What is a Free Take-off and how do you teach it?

  5. What is blocking out? When does it start and when does it end? Can you jump without blocking out?

  6. What are the correct gymnastic and exercise drills to teach the positions and phases in the model?

  7. What are the correct positions a vaulter should try to get to as they jump the model? Pole Carry, Run, Take-off, Swing, Rotation, Extension and Release

  8. What are the correct warm up drills to teach each position and phase in the model which emphasizes the correct bending and loading of the pole, swing, and rotation, extension up the pole and off the top without losing energy from the previous positions?

  9. How should coaches find the stride length for a vaulter so they can determine if the approach run and take-off is correct and on?

  10. How does a coach find the correct grip width for each individual vaulter?

  11. What factors determine what pole a vaulter should be on and which poles they will need to go to next?

If after reading these, you need help answering them, call me and I will show you the scientific test, the proofs and give you the answers.


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